Saturday, August 3, 2019

Join Us For Closing Ceremonies at 11:00am!!

We would love to have parents join us for the closing ceremonies at 11:00 Saturday!  The program should last an hour, and tired campers will be free to head home around 12:00.

Friday, August 2, 2019

Cady Hill Mountain Bike Adventure!

This afternoon we headed to Cady Hill our last afternoon session of the summer. Campers were clearly more comfortable on their bikes after the practice this week, and pushed themselves even though they were fatigued.

Almost all of the campers got into the woods, and after the bike adventure groups stopped for ice cream and swimming while riding the rec path back to the Round Hearth!

Now to a well earned cookout and game night to celebrate another great week of camp!

Morning Session: EXPLOSION with Featured Coach Molly MacLeod

The final instructional session of the week was focused on the final pillar of our BASE philosophy - Explosion. Our featured coach Molly MacLeod from Ford Sayre Academy ran the camp through a great session featuring tuck jumps, hurdles, box jumps, and medicine ball throws! We followed up the explosion session with a full camp game of soccer.

Everyone is still focused and working hard after a long week, and we're looking forward to another mountain bike adventure at Cady Hill this afternoon!

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Nightly Scavenger Hunt

Tonight our campers took back to the rec path to complete a list of challenges!  They found heart-shaped rocks, and something purple, and made flower bouquets for our Assistant Director Justin, and team Italy even found energy for an extra challenge... jumping in the water 10 times in 3 minutes!

This session was about teamwork and it was great to see the groups come together and bond even more as we wind down the week.

Afternoon Hike up Mt. Mansfield

This afternoon, campers took on Vermont's tallest peak, Mt. Mansfield! Campers from every team were able to stand on "The Chin" at 4,393 feet above sea level, and those that didn't quite make the summit still had awesome views from the ridge and were able to push themselves on the hike.

Everyone was excited for dinner after a big day, and tonight each nation and their counselor heads out for a team scavenger hunt on the rec path!

Morning Skate Session

This morning marked our final time on skates for SDSC 2019.  While it can be challenging to simulate skiing, we do our best with athletic stance and finding the balance point in the transition, and today we took it a step further with our full length course.  While we have had longer courses in the past, and even faster ones, today we were able to get creative and build in terrain as well as tactics.  We focused on elevation crossing the rise line, and then building depth as we came past the gate and worked back to the gate. 

Here are a few clips I took on our good camera.  

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Counselor's Game Night, Speedball, and Swimming

After dinner tonight, all the teams split up for a busy evening activity session of jumping in the river at Foster's, and games of speedball, tank, and blanket volleyball. It was a fun filled night, and everyone was ready for a snack when we returned to the Round Hearth.

Tomorrow morning we'll have our speed instructional session with Danny Noyes on skates at the Stowe Lot, with a hike up Mt. Mansfield in the afternoon!